Long Term Care


Do you need Long Term Care, the answer for most of us is yes. People are living longer and most of us want to take care of our loved ones in their final years. However, Home Health Care, Respite Care, Assisted Living and Nursing homes are extremely expensive. Most of us believe Medicare Pays for these facilities but the truth is it does not.

When talking about Long Term Care these are some of the areas we at C/C and Associates discuss:

l) If you have a home, auto, little savings and are living off retirement income you should possibly quailify for Medicade and don't need long term care.

2) If you have a home, auto and TWO MILLION dollars, then between Social Security and interest earned the family can pay for Long Term Care.

3) If you have a home, auto, small savings and need current asset income to live on

if Long Term Care should become necessary then you would need to pay down assets to qualify for Medicade. Your spouse and/or family would be left with nothing. This is the group that NEEDS Long Term Insurance.

Let us help you look into the possiblity of choosing a Long Term Care Plan for you and your family.

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